Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Aiff to Mp3 Converter

Aiff (audio interchange file format) is a very popular audio file format. It was developed by Apple Inc and the most popular format in itunes. Aiff unlike Mp3 is an uncompressed file format. Hence in general, aiff files can be larger in file size. If you are planning to put it online for streaming through your website, it is advised to convert it to Mp3, which is a compressed format and hence takes less file size. The steps below illustrate the procedure to convert any aiff file to mp3.

Step 1: Click the link below to visit our web application. No additional software required on your part. 

Step 2: Click on "Select File" button. It will automatically start reading the aiff file. Please wait for it to complete before going to the next step.

Step 3: Set some basic properties of the mp3 file (ID 3 Tags). These properties like title of the mp3 and album name are optional. However, we recommend to input them as they have several advantages.
Step 4: Just click the convert button and wait for the conversion to be finished.

Step 5: Once the conversion is finished, a popup will come up showing the link to download the mp3 file. Just right click on the link and choose "save file as" to save it to your computer.

You can also use the other audio and video conversion tools at

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Html to Excel

Many websites have data in html tables. If someone wanted to copy this data into an excel spreadsheet to make some analysis or plots, it is quite tedious and not straightforward. There is an online application that can help convert any html file or webpage directly to an excel file. This is one of the only web based application I have seen online. The application is quite easy to use. Follow the steps below:

1. Click the link below to visit the application

2. You can either click the upload button and select a html file or enter a website address into the textbox and the application will pickup the content automatically. 

3. Select the output excel format. The application supports saving both xlsx and xls file formats. If you are using Microsoft office version 2007 or later, you would be OK to use either of them (but xlsx should be the best). If you are using an older version, then select the xls format.

4. Click on the convert button and a popup will show the location of the excel file to download.


ODS file format (.ods file extension) is the Spreadsheet file format of openoffice and staroffice programs. Openoffice is the opensource free alternative for Microsoft Office. However, excel still remains the most popular office suite. If you ever receive or download an openoffice spreadsheet, it is not straightforward to open it in Microsoft excel and would need a special MS office extension to be installed. 

There are some online applications which can convert any ODS file to their excel counterpart XLS/XLSX formats. One such application and the usage instructions are given below:

1. Go to the application by clicking on the link below

ODS to XLS conversion tool

2. Click on the upload button and select the ODS file on your computer

3. Select the output format you desire, either xls or xlsx. If you have the pre 2007 office versions it is better to use xls though the preferred version if xlsx.

4. Click on the convert button and a popup will be shown with the link to download the excel file.

Convert Word to Excel

Recently, I got a document (Microsoft Word format) from one of my friends which had some interesting data in a table. I intended to plot some graphs and do some analysis on the data and hence wanted to copy the table into excel. I searched for an automatic tool to do the conversion for me and found an interesting tool. The instructions to use the Word to Excel Conversion is explained below.

1. Click on the link below to visit the application

2. Select the upload button; a dialog opens to select the file on your computer. Select the Microsoft word file (both doc and docx supported).

3. Select the output excel file format. The application allows to save the data both in the old xls format and the new xlsx file. In order to preserve as much formatting as possible, select the xlsx format.

4. Click on the convert button; a popup will be shown with a link to download the excel file. Right click and choose save as to download the file to your computer.

Friday, August 30, 2013

PDFaid has a FAQ

Taking into account the various potential questions users at PDFaid can have, we have compiled a FAQ page. Please find it at the link below. Your feedback is welcome.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Svg to Pdf conversion

Svg to pdf converts vector formats (specifically svg or scalable vector graphics) to pdf. Scalable vector graphics was developed by www consortium and is an XML based vector graphics format. It is used to display 2 dimensional images and can support animation as well. Since svg format is XML driven, it can easily be searched and indexed on the internet.

This application will help you convert the svg graphics files to pdf. 

Svg to Pdf

Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click the link below to go to our svg to pdf application

Svg to Pdf Conversion Utility

Step 2: Properties of Pdf

Set the properties of the output pdf file that you desire. These properties  help in searching and indexing of the pdf. If you do not wish to change them then leave the boxes empty.

Step 3: Download your pdf

Click on the convert to pdf button and a message will be displayed giving the link to the pdf file for download. Right click on the link and choose save as to download the converted pdf file.

doc to Pdf | docx to pdf

Doc to Pdf is one of the most used and required conversions. Microsoft word is very easy to use and widely known (and used) word processor. When editing long documents (doc or docx extension) running into many pages with lots of images, the file size can go beyond the range that is currently supported by web based email services. The file size limitations in most corporate environments are also low. Therefore, it is useful to convert these doc (also docx) to pdf format so that you can easily distribute them.

NOTE: The application also supports the doc to xps conversion.

Doc to Pdf | Docx to Pdf

Follow these simple steps to convert any microsoft word document to pdf formats online.

Step 1: Go to the location of the application by clicking the link below

Doc to pdf | Docx to Pdf | Doc to Xps

Step 2: Select the doc or doc file

Click the "choose file" button and select the document that needs to be converted.

Step 3: Select the output format

As said above you can either save the doc file as a pdf or xps. Choose the option that you desire.

Step 4: Properties of pdf 

If you have chosen the output format as pdf  then this step will allow to change the basic properties (also called metadata) for your pdf file. Input the properties of the output pdf document that you desire.

Step 5: Download the output file

Click the convert button and a popup will be shown with a link to the output file (pdf or xps whichever was chosen). Right click on the link and choose "save as" to download the file to your computer.