Monday, January 14, 2013

Join Pdf Files

Join pdf files can be used to join multiple pdf files online. In order to join pdf files you would either need adobe acrobat or need to install software programs. Pdf joiner presented by pdfaid overcomes both the issues, it is free and does not need to install anything from the user perspective. You just need to upload all your pdf files and download the joined or combined document.

Video Demo

How to Join Pdf Files

Step 1: Click link below and go to the pdf joiner application at pdfaid

Join Pdf File

Step 2: Select the Pdf Files

Please select the pdf files in the same order that you would like them to be joined. Note the number beside the choose file buttons (that's the order).

Step 3: Select the document separator option

If you desire, the application also allows to insert a empty page in between the joined documents. This can help you if you want to have a separator page.

Step 4: Download your joined pdf document

Finally, click on the "Join Pdf's" button and a popup will come with the link to download your joined pdf file.

The quality of the joined pdf is amazing. Try it for yourself.

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