Monday, January 14, 2013

Webpage to Pdf

Webpage to Pdf converter is our application in beta. This web application can be used to convert any webpage or custom html to pdf online. It does not require the installation of any program. The hyperlinks inside webpages are automatically converted to pdf links. Form data inside the webpages are also converted to pdf form elements.

Note: This application is still in beta as there are various issues that need resolved with this application.

Video Demo

How to convert Webpage to Pdf

As was said above, the application can be used to convert both webpage and custom html code to pdf online. There are 2 tabs in the application. 

The first tab can be used to convert webpages to pdf online. This tab contains a text box where you can input the web address and click on the "generate pdf" button. 

The second tab has a html editor where you can paste your html code or build the html using the designer interface. Subsequently a click on the "generate pdf" button will help you save the pdf.

As mentioned previously, this app is sometimes unstable so please leave your feedback and help us improve the application.

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