Sunday, February 9, 2014

Html to Excel

Many websites have data in html tables. If someone wanted to copy this data into an excel spreadsheet to make some analysis or plots, it is quite tedious and not straightforward. There is an online application that can help convert any html file or webpage directly to an excel file. This is one of the only web based application I have seen online. The application is quite easy to use. Follow the steps below:

1. Click the link below to visit the application

2. You can either click the upload button and select a html file or enter a website address into the textbox and the application will pickup the content automatically. 

3. Select the output excel format. The application supports saving both xlsx and xls file formats. If you are using Microsoft office version 2007 or later, you would be OK to use either of them (but xlsx should be the best). If you are using an older version, then select the xls format.

4. Click on the convert button and a popup will show the location of the excel file to download.

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