Sunday, February 9, 2014


ODS file format (.ods file extension) is the Spreadsheet file format of openoffice and staroffice programs. Openoffice is the opensource free alternative for Microsoft Office. However, excel still remains the most popular office suite. If you ever receive or download an openoffice spreadsheet, it is not straightforward to open it in Microsoft excel and would need a special MS office extension to be installed. 

There are some online applications which can convert any ODS file to their excel counterpart XLS/XLSX formats. One such application and the usage instructions are given below:

1. Go to the application by clicking on the link below

ODS to XLS conversion tool

2. Click on the upload button and select the ODS file on your computer

3. Select the output format you desire, either xls or xlsx. If you have the pre 2007 office versions it is better to use xls though the preferred version if xlsx.

4. Click on the convert button and a popup will be shown with the link to download the excel file.

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