Saturday, September 3, 2016

How to convert HTML to PDF ?

Have you ever had the need to convert a html file (or webpage) to a printable PDF file? Webpages today are no more as simple as the "html days". They can be complex with usage of css, web forms, images, movies etc. On the other hand, modern webpages designed using responsive themes are tuned to dynamically look different (optimized) on different devices (mobile, tablet, PC). If you want the webpage or a local file converted to a portable document format (.pdf) file, there are several software and online web applications. However, many of them are not accurate enough to reproduce the webpage design and elements to corresponding pdf elements. We at PDFaid have a html to pdf converter which is not only easy to use (only needs a browser) but also accurate and converts hyperlinks to pdf annotations, web forms to corresponding pdf forms and even embed movies and animations into the resulting pdf. Our software is smart to read any external css files and reconstruct the webpage before the conversion process. 

The below process steps explain the conversion process. We will show how to convert both html files and webpage URL's to pdf format. Let's get started and see how we can do that !

Convert Html file or Url to PDF

Step2: There are 2 tabs as shown below. The 1st tab shows the text box to enter the URL. Enter the address of the webpage to convert (e.g., 

enter url to pdf

Alternatively, if you want to convert an html file, then choose the 2nd tab, click the select html file button and choose the file on your computer.

Step3: Click "Generate PDF" button to convert the URL or chosen html file to pdf.


After successful conversion to PDF, the download dialog box will be presented as shown below.

Now you can click the "Download PDF" link to download the generated PDF or you can right click on the "Download PDF" link and select "Save link as.." and save it your desired location on your system.

That's it. Now you can open the downloaded PDF in Adobe reader and see the output of your webpage with a well-formatted clean look.

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